An open house

»Ich wünsche mir mehr Mut für Entscheidungen und für das Beschreiten neuer Wege, auch wenn es nicht immer richtig sein sollte. Zukunft ist ständiger Wechsel. Transformation lebt vom Experiment.«

Oliver from Leipzig, born 1966 in the BRD, was on November 9, 1989 in Berlin

At the Centre for German Unity and European Transformation in Jena, change can be experienced as a transformation that can be shaped. This is where competencies and skills for actively shaping the challenges of our future will be taught from a European perspective.

Jena is a place where the social and economic shocks and upheavals that followed the peaceful revolution of 1989 throughout Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe were and are clearly tangible. The Centre for German Unity and European Transformation will uniquely demonstrate the requirements and decisions, democratic processes and resilience that are needed to successfully manage major upheavals.

The Centre for German Unity and European Transformation in Jena is an open place, a “community centre” of joint and cross-border remembering, researching, discussing and trying things out. A building easily accessible to all, where past and future transformations are thought about, talked and argued about, where ideas are developed and knowledge and skills are exchanged and tried in practice. A place characterized by the principles of reciprocity, permeability and intelligibility.

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