Jena is bidding to host the »Zukunftszentrum – Centre for German Unity and European Transformation« (ZET).

»Ohne die deutsche Einheit hätte ich nicht studieren und auch nicht ins Ausland gehen können. Es bedeutet für mich Freiheit.«

Anonym from Jena, born 1983 in the DDR

With the ZET, a new centre for encounter and dialogue will be built through 2028 where the societal and economic transformation can be researched, examples of transformation can be experienced directly and lifetime achievements can be honoured. Jena is already just such a place: We don’t just research transformation – we live it and actively shape it, together with the experience, engagement and networks of people and institutions here!

Campaign motif of Jena's application for the Future Center for German Unity and European Transformation (ZET). A hand holds an optical lens showing Eichplatz in Jena. The possible location for the advertised future center.
©City of Jena, Photo: Steffen Walther

The Zukunftszentrum is a joint application by:

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